A film by Catherine Corsini


Julien is a young author whose dream is to be published. Thanks to a subterfuge, he manages to get an appointment with a fearsome publisher, Judith Zahn. She doesn't think Julien is talented but nevertheless finds him to her taste. He lets her seduce him and becomes her lover. One night, out of curiosity, he looks through her belongings. He discovers a fascinating story; the story of Judith's father who used to be a philosopher in the 1970's and died fighting with the guerrilla in Latin America. Julien decides to write a book about it but without telling Judith. When Julien shows her his manuscript, Judith feels robbed and betrayed. She forbids him to publish it and breaks up with him. Julien ignores her and has his book published. Judith feels humiliated and uses a trick to bring him down. She succeeds but does not savour her revenge as she hoped to.


Judith Zahn: Karin Viard
Julien Demarsay: Eric Caravaca
Saint-Clair: Jacques Weber
Simon: Gilles Cohen
Daphné: Hélène Babu
Martha: Jacqueline Danno
Madame Zahn: Claire Maurier
Marceline Foueck: Chantal Neuwirth
Mathieu Séchard: Renan Carteaux
Marie: Marie Kremer
Barbara: Alexia Barlier
Actors (Comédie française): Philippe Hérisson, Pierre Aussedat
Lucile: Emilie Gavois-Kahn
Cyril: François Toumarkine
Usherette (Comédie française): Constance Carrelet
Bookseller: Olivier Jahan


Director: Catherine Corsini
Screenplay and dialogues: Catherine Corsini, Benoît Graffin et Cédric Kahn
Original music: Grégoire Hetzel
Production manager: Nathalie Duran
Directors of photography: Hélène Louvart, Guillaume Schiffman, AFC
Camera operator: Jérôme Alméras
Sound: Yves-Marie Omnes, Benoît Hillebrant, Olivier Dô Hùu
Set decorator: François-Renaud Labarthe
Costume designer: Anne Schotte
Casting: Stéphane Foenkinos, ARDA
Editing: Simon Jacquet
Producers: Fabienne Vonier, Michel Seydoux
In association with Vincent Malle

Production information

Pyramide Productions, Camera One, VMP
Distribution: Pyramide
International sales: Pyramide International
In association with Sofica Soficinéma 2 and Cofinova 2
With the participation of Canal + and Ciné Cinéma
And with the support of the PROCIREP the ANGOA-AGICOA

Technical information

Year of production : 2006
Length : 90 mn

Festivals and awards

Official Selection Rome Film Festival 2006 - Out of Competition
Official Selection L'Alpe d'Huez Film Festival 2006


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