The high summer heat is unbearable. A violent storm brings Xiao-feng and Fei-fei together as they both seek shelter. Xiao-feng, just out of the army, came straight to Taipei without going home. Whereas Fei-fei has run away from her family, leaving no trace. An unenthusiastic baker, Xiao-feng is not satisfied with the money he earns. Fei-fei meets Yili in the disco where she works. The two girls become "Betelnut beauties". They sell betelnuts - the effect of which is similar to caffeine - to passersby in the street. They set up shop in a glass booth lit by neon lights. Their competitors use every advantage to attract clients: excessive make-up, mini-skirts, silk clothes... One day, by chance, Xiao-feng ends up at Fei-fei's stall. Xiao-feng recognizes her and enjoys accompanying her home every night after work. Little by little, he starts spending time with the gang that hangs out in her street. One day he decides to quit his job and to go in with them to swindle a gangster from the gambling underworld...


Feng: Chang Chen
Fei-Fei: Sin Je
Ming: Tsai Chen-Nan
Guang: Kao Ming-Chun
Yili: Kelly Kuo
Tiger: Leon Dai
Fei-Fei's mother: Sun Yu-Hui
Fei-Fei's father: Ko I-Chang
Guang's gang: Chou Jun-Ming, Kao Meng-Jai
Tiger's gang: Kao Guang-Ye, Su Chong-Yuan
Ming's gang: David Lin
The baker's boss: Wang Hsian-Chi


Director and screenwriter: Lin Cheng-Sheng
Photography: Han Yun-Chung
Gaffer: Sun Tien-Sheng
Art director: Hsia Shao-Yu
Sound designer: Tu Duu-Chiao
Sound: Tang Hsiang-Chu
Editor: Hsiao Ju-Kuen
Music: A-chi and the Chairman
Costumes: Wang Yi-Shi
Producers: Peggy Chiao, Hsu Hsiao-Ming
Line producer: Hsu Bing-Hsi
Executive producer: Fabienne Vonier
Coproducer: Michael Chiao
Coordinating producers: Eric Lagesse, Anne Devauchelle

Production information

Arc Light Films, Pyramide Productions

Technical information

Taiwan - France
Year of production : 2001
Length : 95mn

Festivals and awards

Official Selection Berlin Film Festival 2001 - Competition : Silver Bear for Best Director Piper Heidsieck New Talent Award for the best young actress (Sin Je)