Blue Gate Crossing

A film by Yee Chih-Yen


Meng is a 17 year-old high school student who often laments that she is no longer a carefree soul. She is been carrying one secret for too many years. One day, she decides to unburden her secret on Zhang, a 17 year old fellow. Zhang, a blithe spirit, is the guileless one. His two dearest wishes are to win the swimming championship and to become Meng's sweetheart. He is so utterly unprepared for what she is about to tell him. Meng's secret scorches them both. The two teenagers have tasted adulthood.


Zhang Shihao : Chen Bo-Lin
Meng Kerou : Guey Lun-Mei
Lin Yuezhen : Liang Shu-Hui


Director / screenwriter: Yee Chih-Yen
Artistic director: Hsia Shao-Yu
Director of photography: Chienn Hsiang
Editing: Liao Ching-Song
Sound: Tu Duu-Chih
Music: Chris Hou
Costumes: Anico
Stylist: Chien Jo-Ching
Make-up / Hair dressing: Chen Shu-Hui
Associate producer: Fabienne Vonier
Coordinating producers: Eric Lagesse, Laurent Champoussin, Adam C.H.Wei
Coproducer: Michael Chiao
Production coordinators: Rung-Rung Chang, Marianne Y.L. Shih
Production supervisor: Hsu Bing-Hsi
Producers: Peggy Chiao, Hsu Hsiao-Ming
Line producer: Wang Toon

Production information

Arc Light Films
Pyramide Productions

Technical information

Taiwan - France
Year of production : 2001
Length : 85mn

Festivals and awards

Cannes Film Festival 2002 - Directors' Fortnight
Official Selection Toronto Film Festival 2002