1915. The war is raging in Europe, but the artists and writers of bohemian London continue to live and feast as if nothing was wrong, light-heartedly defying the Victorian morals, scoffing at the pompous declarations of politicians and the conformity of bourgeois painters and sculptors. One beautiful winter afternoon, the writer Lytton Strachey, a bachelor, obviously gay, leaves for the South of England to visit Virginia Woolf's sister, Vanessa Bell and her husband, Clive.


Lytton : Jonathan Pryce
Gertler : Rufus Sewell
Carrington : Emma Thompson
Partridge : Steven Waddington
Brenan : Samuel West


Director: Christopher Hampton
Set Designer: Caroline Amies
Screenplay: Christopher Hampton
Cinematography: Denis Lenoir
Music: Michael Nyman
Film Editor: Gregor Akers
Produced by Ronald Shello, John McGrath

Production information

A Freeway/Shello Production, Cinéa, Pyramide Productions, Studio Canal

Technical information

Great Britain - France
Year of production : 1995
Length : 121 mn

Festivals and awards

Official Selection Cannes Film Festival 1995 - Competition: Jury Prize, Best Actor (Jonathan Pryce)