Adam is a lawyer who, after being dumped by his wife, tries to make her feel sorry for him by inventing a grim story about falling off a ski lift in Austria. Claiming that the accident is responsible for his becoming amnesic, he manages to thus sidle his way back into his house. Agnès is a press relations rep from a well to do family who decides to finally face high waters and assume her homosexuality. She discovers however that all romantic relationships are fundamentally sadomasochistic. Whether they be straight, gay, or bi. Bruno is the master of ceremonies of a veritable whorehouse, who pretends to be the director David Cronenberg. This pretence is solely so that he can get to whip a pretty young lesbian film critic who refused his advances. Catherine is the victim of some prime psychological manipulation who is initiated into sadomasochistic doings quite against her will. She then tries to get her persecutor murdered by his own mother. The rituals of contact, role reversal and role play, the staging of love and death, underdogs and dominants, cats an mice, error and reversals... In the whirlpool of passion, Eros and Thanatos play against each other. The subconscious is freed, and new sexual inclinations become reality.


Agnès : Catherine Frot
Catherine : Isabelle Carré
Adam : François Berléand
Bruno : Melvil Poupaud
Agathe : Julie Depardieu
Dreanne : Claire Nebout
Catherine's mother : Emmanuelle Riva


Director: Danièle Dubroux
Screenplay: Danièle Dubroux & Pascal Richou
Dir of photography: Jean-Marc Fabre
Sound: François Maurel, Dominique Gaboriau & Julien Cloquet
Music: Reno Issac
Editing: Anaïs Enschaian
Costumes: Dolores Gonzales
Set: Valérie Saradjian
Producer: Gilles Sandoz
Co-producer: Fabienne Vonier

Production information

Maïa Films - Pyramide Productions

Technical information

Year of production : 2002
Length : 103 mn