A film by Alain Cavalier


The first shot were made in 1994, the last in 2005. More than ten years of my life condensed into one hundred minutes of screen-time. My first autobiographical film, This Machine Does Not Accept Messages" was made in 1978. I appear in it, my head wrapped in bandages. I worked with a cameraman and a sound engineer. My second autobiographical film was made in 1996. I made it alone. The camera represents my POV. My voice is on sound. My hands are on screen, not my face. This time, in "Filmman", I am seen. My face appears - for a reason. A specific reason. Alain Cavalier


An Alain Cavalier film
In collaboration with Françoise Widhoff
Produced by Michel Seydoux
Associated producer Fabienne Vonier

Production information

A Caméra One / Pyramide Productions co-production
With the support of GNCR et de l'ACID

Technical information

Year of production : 2004
Length : 97 mn

Festivals and awards

Official Selection Cannes Film Festival 2005 - Un Certain Regard : Intimacy Prize
Official Selection Rotterdam Film Festival 2006


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