After years of fame and misfortune in Mexico, the members of the worst rock'n roll band in the world set off back home, to their native village in Siberia. They are guided by their former manager, Vladimir, who now calls himself moses. The journey over the ocean and across the European continent is hard and full of dangers. The people murmur against Moses and doubt his motives. They are continuously tormented by the lack of money, fuel, food and beverages. On top of this they are persecuted by a certain member of the American intelligence agency who is hunting for the lost nose of the Statue of Liberty.


The Leningrad Cowboys : Twist-Twist Erkinharju, Ben Granfelt, Sakke Järvenpää, Jore Marjaranta, Ekke Niiva, Lyla Närvänen, Pemo Ojala, Silu Seppälä, Mauri Sumen, Mato Valtonen.
Moïse / Vladimir : Matti Pellonpää
The dumb man : Kari Väänänen
Lazare / Johnson / Elijah : André Wilms
The American cousin : Nicky Tesco
The gambling joint owner : Jacques Blanc
The gamblng joint bunny : Nathalie Helies
The Babylone singer: Kirsi Tykkyläinen


Directed, edited and produced by : Aki Kaurismäki
Screenplay : Sakke Järvenpää, Aki Kaurismäki, Mato Valtonen
Photography : Timo Salminen
Sound : Jouko Lumme, Timo Linnasalo
Sets : John Ebden
Art director : Mark Lavis
Music composer and supervisor : Mauri Sumen
Assistant directors : Erkki Astala, Sakke Järvenpää
Continuity girl : Haije Alanoja
First assistant camera : Heikki Färm
Second assistant camera : Risto Laasonen
Electrical department : Olli Varja, Ilkka Paloniemi, Markku Pätila, Jukka Salmi
Still photographer : Nathalie Eno
Still photographer / New York : Satu Mikkanen
Still photographer / France : Moune Jamet
Still photographer / Mexico : Marja-Leena Helin
Musical recording : Masa Hukkanen, Stade Kenttä, Achim Zell
Synchronisation : Tellervo Savela
Sound mixing : Tom Forsström, SES-Sound
Props master : Ravil Salah
Construction : Markku Patila, Ukka Salmi
Outside location managers : Heikki Ukkonen, Rémi Pradinas
Production manager : Pauli Pentti, Jaakko Talaskivi
Line producers : Klaus Heydemann, Paula Oinonen, Reinhard Brundig, Fabienne Vonier
Production assistant : Haije Alanoja

Production information

Produced by Sputnik Oy, in coproduction with Pyramide Productions - La Sept Cinéma, Paris - Pandora Films, Frankfurt.
With the participation of Canal + andthe ministry of Culture (CNC) and the support of the Finnish Film Foundation / Marianne Möller, Yle/TV-1/Eila Werning, Eurimages Fund.
With the help of EFDO (MEDIA Programmeof the European Commission).
Distribution : Pyramide

Technical information

Finland - France
Year of production :1994
Length : 62mn