The School of Flesh. Present day Paris. The two of them. Dominique and Quentin. He is young, she is less so. She earns a good living, he gets by. They have nothing in common, they are worlds apart. In spite of their differences and, as is often the case, one look suffices to bind them together for a time. Once the interlude with Quentin is over Dominique comes back to her senses, but she will never be quite the same again.


Dominique: Isabelle Huppert
Quentin: Vincent Martinez
Chris: Vincent Lindon
Mrs Thorpe: Marthe Keller
Soukaz: François Berléand
Dominique's friend: Danièle Dubroux
Cordier: Bernard Le Coq
Louis-Guy: Jean-Claude Dauphin
Monsieur Thorpe: Jean-Louis Richerd
Marine: Roxane Mesquida
Quentin's mother: Michelle Goddet
Marcus: Jan-Michell
The young plumber: Laurent Jumeaucourt
Robert: Pierre Laroche
The photographer: Richard Schroeder
Child boxer: Jonathan Ubrette
The man at the end: Nicolas Pignon


Director: Benoît Jacquot
Screenplay: Jacques Fieschi from the novel by Yukio Mishima (Editions Gallimard)
Photography: Caroline Champetier (AFC)
Sound Recordist: Jean-Claude Laureux, Brigitte Taillandier
Production Design: Katia Wyszkop
Costume Design: Corinne Jorry-Horlait
1st Assistant Director: Antoine Santana
Continuity: Geneviève Dufour
Editor: Luc Barnier
Sound Editor: Jean-Claude Laureux, Nicolas Naegelen
Head Mistress: Paule Mangenot
Wardrobe Assistants: Hélène Robin, Nathalie Chesnais
Make-up: Thi-Loan Nguyen, Françoise Andrejka
Make-up Vincent Lindon: Nathalie Tissier
Mixer: Jean-Pierre Laforce
Production Manager: Daniel Baschieri
Producer: Fabienne Vonier
Executive Producer: Fabienne Tsaï
Associate Producers: Vincent Malle, Claude Waringo

Production information

Production Companies: Orsans Productions - V.M.P. - La Sept Cinéma - Les Films du Camelia - Artemis Productions - R.T.B.F. - Samsa Film.
With the participation of Canal+, La Sept Cinéma and Studio Images 4.
With the support of the Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la communauté française de Belgique, the Centre National de la Cinématographie, The Support Fund for Audiovisual Production (Luxembourg) and Procirep.
This film received the support of Eurimages.
Distributor: Pyramide International
Sales: Pyramide International

Technical information

Year of production : 1998
Length : 95mn

Festivals and awards

Official Selection Cannes Film Festival 1998 - Competition