The Visitor from the Future

A film by François Descraques


Alice is a young girl opposed to the construction of a nuclear plant orchestrated by her father when a strange event occures. An odd visitor coming from the future takes them to 2555, in a devastated world, after the plant exploded. For him, her father has to die in the present time in order to avoid the future catastrophy. But time flies ! A Police of the Future tracks them to prevent any time-related modification. Alice will have to achieve the impossible : save her father, and save the world.




Arnaud Ducret, Florent Dorin, Enya Baroux, Raphaël Descraques, Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, Mathieu Poggi, Audrey Pirault, Vincent Tirel, Assa Sylla, Lénie Cherino


Written and directed by François Descraques, based on the web series "Le Visiteur du Futur" produced by Ankama Animations and the mangas "La Brigade Temporelle" edited by Ankama Editions
Original Soundtrack : Jimmy Tillier
DOP : Matthieu Misiraca
1rst AD : Johana Katz
Production director : Laurent Lecêtre
Set designer : Paul Chapelle
Costumes designe: Cécile Auclair
Sound : Thomas Gastinel, Clément Maurin, Loïc Gourbe
Editor : Quentin Eiden
Location manager : Nicolas Jacob
Post-production supervisor : Mélodie Stevens
Music supervisor : Martin Caraux
VFX : Mathematic, Fabulous


Production information

Production : Pyramide Productions
In coproduction withAllons voir, France 2 Cinéma, Scope Pictures
With the participation of OCS, Ciné + and France Télévisions
With the support Région Grand-Est, de l'Eurométropole Metz et de la Ville du Grand Nancy, in partnership with le CNC

Technical information

Duration : 1h42
Visa 151658, Support DCP, Stock copies KMBO