Félix lives in Dieppe. Unforeseen circumstances allow him to carry out an old plan - going to Marseilles to meet his father whom he doesn't know. But Félix is a romantic. Rather than take the train, he prefers back roads and borrowed cars. Before long, the charms of budding springtime, the landscape and the people he meets combine to slow him down. Initially set on getting to know his father, Félix ends up creating an ideal family along the way, complete with a little brother, a grandmother, a cousin and a sister.


Félix: Sami Bouajila
Mathilde: Patachou
Isabelle: Ariane Ascaride
Daniel: Pierre-Loup Rajot
Jules: Charly Sergue
The fisherman: Maurice Bénichou
The railroad employee: Philippe Garziano
The union activist: Didier Mahieu
The administration secretary: Aliette Langolff-Colas
The bitherapy woman: Christianne Millet
The pentatherapy man: Arno Feffer
The teenager with the kite: Clément Dupré
Laurent, the Rouen aggressor: Clément Révérend
The bar owner: Daniel Lesur
The salesman: Antoine Marneur
The little girl: Lisa Guez
The dancer at Zizy Folies: Jean-Stéphan Havert
The owner of Zizy Folies: Jean-Michel Colon
Louise: Virginie Blanc
Nicolas: Florian Rollez
Antoine: Adrien Auzias
The wounded driver: Gilbert Barba
Antoine's father: Pascal Billon


A film written and directed by Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau
1st assistant director: Sébastien Gardet
Director of photography: Matthieu Poirot-Delpech
Sound: Jean-Jacques Ferran
Editing: Sabine Mamou
Sound editing: Waldir Xavier
Sound mixing: Jean-Pierre Laforce, Olivier Dô Hùu
Continuity girl: Claudia Neubern
Sets: Louis Soubrier
Costumes: Juliette Chanaud
Make-up artist: Isabelle Nyssen
Hairdresser: Mokhtaria Bahi
Location managers: Olivier Guerbois, Elise Voitey, Ludovic Leiba, Sébastien Gautherin
Production manager: Christian Paumier
A film produced by Philippe Martin

Production information

Les Films Pelléas.
In coproduction with ARTE France Cinéma and Pyramide Productions.
In association with Gimages 2.
With the participation of Canal + and th Centre National de la Cinématographie.

Technical information

Year of production : 1999
Length : 95mn

Festivals and awards

Official Selection Berlin Film Festival 2000 - Panorama: TEDDY Jury Prize